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Connect Survey

Within the scope of the Connect project, the partners conducted a questionnaire for youth and youth workers/trainers in 8 different countries as part of the first research!

The questionnaire was aimed at young people and youth workers/trainers in partner countries. Each partner aimed to reach 200 young people and 200 youth workers from their own country. Thequestionnaire was an evaluation tool to measure the ideas of youth and youth workers/trainers about the project subject in partner countries, as well as an important guide for determining the future steps of the project and determining the method and strategy of the activities of the project to be organized on the basis of countries. The data obtained as a result of the questionnaire constituted one of the main sources for a research study to identify the obstacles to youth participation at the local level and to determine the benefits of youth participation for youth, youth workers/trainers and society.

It was also aimed that the information obtained through the questionnaire would contribute to the regional NGO network that will be established in each partner country within the scope of the project.

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