ESTONIA: our local activities

Type of activity: All the organized activities followed the scheme envisaged by the project through the shared road map. This report contains the activities deemed of greatest interest for the results obtained and for the achievement of the expected objectives.

Country: Estonia

Partner: TDM 2000 EESTI

Description: Local activities in Estonia were designed by project partner TDM 2000 EESTI and hosted in Tallinn and Tartu. Their activities are divided in different steps, connected each other.

An introductory workshop based on non-formal methodologies and focused on the process of the EU Youth Dialogue at European level, has been done. After this workshop, a round table with the participation of local youngsters and those interested in the creation of the Local Working Group, has been done for a comprehensive presentation of the project.

Starting from its peculiarities and the activities that organizes to support young people, it has decided to mix music, art and creativity to talk about the main issues related to youth, their political participation, their involvement in society and how can the national and European institutions give them a better future where they can express themselves in a freeway and can take part in the political decisions. The activities were in collaboration with local partners, e.g. JJ STREET-COMPANY, that work mainly with youngsters. These activities were followed by an interesting number of youngsters and jointly involved stakeholders and decision makers.

Aim: Aim and objectives of the activities are different as follow:

  • To get in contact with the topic of the EU Youth Dialogue;
  • To have a clear knowledge about the project, its activities and its long term benefits;
  • To stimulate the debate on migration and integration of youths in Europe;
  • To stimulate creativity and skills of people involved;
  • To reflect on the importance of creativity adopting new tools and way to stimulate active youth participation;
  • To develop strategies for youth participation.

Main results: Explanation of the most important topics connected with the project. Conversation about integration of migrants and development of strategies; creation of the material for the draft of recommendations.

Target group: Youngsters from Tallinn, Tartu and its surroundings, youth workers involved in the fields of active participation, advocacy and policy making, young migrants based in Estonia for different reasons, young artists.