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First local events organized by the partners

The partners of the Connect project, carried out by 9 institutions from 8 countries has completed their first local events.

The content and organization processes of these first local events has been discussed at the first seminar as a task for the participants. The partners collected results of the discussions at Tallinn and organized the local event activity of the project in their countries.

Along with the first seminar, all of the partners had the chance to share their know-how about organizing an event in particular about youth policies and they also shared the good practices that had been done before in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness for each partners’ local event.

After the first step of the creation process of the local events in Estonia, all the partners develop their local event ideas and complete the first local events before the second seminar in Nitra, Slovakia.

The partners also presented their local events, the results, and good practices to others at the second seminar and they got feedback about their organizations.


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