– The art of youth participation: building connections to shape our future –

About the project Connect

Connect is a 24 months project planned by a partnership composed by 9 partners based in 8 countries geographically located in different areas – north, south, east and west of EU. 

The action tackles the problem of the increasing number of young people who lack trust in the EU and public institutions in general, encountering difficulties in understanding their principles, values, and functioning.

The main need identified is the lack of youth involvment and dialogue in all stages of the policy making decision and the consequent necessity to improve the existing participatory mechanisms and creating new ones.

Aim of the Project

About the Project 

It targets young people and youth organizations in Europe, creating new models of cooperation among different actors of society. It supports the birth of new networks which facilitate the recognition and development of youth work, providing youth with competences, tools and strategies useful to increase the impact of the activities implemented at local and international level with the aim of fostering active participation.

The Mission

To support youngsters’ development, enabling them to become more active members of society, improving their citizenship skills, and fostering their capacity to intervene and take action in support crises situations that could affect the community in which they live and as a larger effect the European Community.


CONNECT is funded by the Programme Erasmus + under the action “European Youth Together”. This project is co-funded by the Assessorato della Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Informazione, Spettacolo e Sport Direzione Generale della Pubblica Istruzione Servizio Politicheper la formazione terziaria e la gioventù, Regione di Sardegna.

Public Notice for the granting of contributions for the implementation of international youth mobility projects, promotion of interculturalism and European citizenship, youth exchanges, Regional Law N. 3/2009, art. 9 paragraph 9 Annual 2021.

Educational Game

Educational Game

An interactive online game addressed to groups of youngsters, aiming at stimulating the debate among them about various relevant topics at EU level, enabling the youth to develop specific skills and competences to foster their participation to build a more resilient society.



A database of associations/entities based in Europe interested in cooperating and setting new partnerships/networks.

Good Practices


Youth policies, best practices, and successful mechanisms of cooperation between youth sector and policy makers in the involved countries.



Researches about youth policies and models of active youth participation, and on existing practices in cross-sectorial cooperation between NGOs and policy makers, in all participating countries.

Connect Partners

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