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Kicking off with the project CONNECT

We are super excited to announce the beginning of the project “CONNECT-The art of youth participation: building connections to shape our future“!

CONNECT is funded under the Erasmus + Programme, KA3-Policy Reform, on call for proposal “European Youth Together.”

The action tackles the problem of the increasing number of young people who lack trust in the EU and public institutions in general, encountering difficulties in understanding their principles, values, and functioning. The main need identified is the lack of youth INVOLVEMENT and dialogue in all stages of the policy making decision and the consequent necessity to improve the existing participatory mechanisms and creating new ones

On the 17th and 18th of July the kick-off meeting of the project was successfully held in Cagliari, Italy.

TDM 2000 International together with the representatives of its partners, Associazione TDM 2000 from Italy, TDM 2000 Eesti from Estonia, Global Citizens Academy from Lithuania, SIEDAS from Slovakia, NGO Iuventa from Serbia, Intercultura Dinan from France, TURKONFED (Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation) from Turkey and Social Policy and Action Organization from Cyprus, presented in details the project and discussed the next steps towards the implementation of CONNECT.

Stay tuned for more information on the project!


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