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Green policies  

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The importance of green policies has been a hot topic within public discourse in recent years. In order to achieve a greener European Union and abide by the principle of sustainable development, young people have identified the following recommendations to bring about the much desired change:

1. Both national governments and private enterprises should stop introducing policies (cutting down trees, destroying nature reserves etc.) that endanger the environment and they should aim to reduce their carbon footprint;

2. Reduce the use of public transportation that further contributes to pollution (cars, buses and ferries wherever they are used regularly) by using trams/metro more often. This can be stimulated by providing for more metro lines in areas that currently don't have them, as well as have the trams/metro come at more frequent intervals;

3. Plastic waste is a major issue and a significant contributor to pollution on a global scale. For this purpose, plastic bags should be done away with and replaced with reusable bags, plastic bottles should be replaced with glass bottles etc. Having plastic eradicated from out daily lives and using biodegradable materials as substitutes will play a major role in relation to advancing towards a greener and cleaner European Union.

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