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What can we do to make homeless people more included?


  • volunteering
  • events
  • donations - clothes, blankets
  • sleepouts
  • in Christmas they make dinner for people who don’t have anyone to make food for them  - in the UK lots of Indian and Pakistani people do this because they have different religions and don’t celebrate
  • communicating as immigrants through sharing food - immigrants and Meghan Markle’s cookbook


Gypsies and travellers

  • help include gypsies and travellers - fighting stereotypes
  • helping the Portuguese people understand why people do certain things in the gypsy community/tackling the problem of underage marriage together 

refugees - how to help refugees?

  • homes for refugees
  • we don’t have as many refugees in Portugal as in Italy
  • we give them a home and help them to find work
  • in Belgium some people allow refugees to live in their homes


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