PORTUGAL: our local activities

Type of activity: All the organized activities followed the scheme envisaged by the project through the shared road map. This report contains the activities deemed of greatest interest for the results obtained and for the achievement of the expected objectives.

Country: Portugal

Partner: Geoclube – Associação Juvenil

Description: local activities started in Porto with the creation of the Local Working Group, created with the involvement of the Students Union of Faculty of Arts and Core of Students of International Relations of Porto University and the Grouping Schools of Águas Santas, a Secondary School. Those students represent the core target involved in the local activities since most of them are internal migrant.

Local working group works on two public events hosted in the Auditorium of the Secondary School based on a focus about the process of the EU youth Dialogue in Europe and how participants can be part of it and which tools can facilitate this process. As second topic has been explained and discussed the role of civic society with specific regard to active and democratic participation.

During laboratories, hosted in summer after finish of school and University year, participants worked on the collection of ideas for the creation of future recommendations. These materials have been collected in a draft dossier shared by delegates during international meetings and discussed by the teams from other countries involved in the project.

A focus group has been organized in order to discuss about best practices of inclusion of migrants in Portugal. The focus group, entitled “Local Policies for Welcome and Integration of Migrants”, giving its importance, was open to the locals interested. Aim of this focus group was to analyze the strategic plan for integration (2015 – 2020) and discover tools and strategies applied at local and national level. Thanks to the strong partnership, some referents from Gondomar Municipality took part at the activities.

Aim: Aim and objectives of the activities are different as follow:

  • To get in contact with the topic of the EU Youth Dialogue;
  • To focus the discussion on the mechanism of youth active participation;
  • To clarify the concept of democracy;
  • To analyze ideas and points of view regarding youth perspective on the topic of integration in Portugal;
  • To analyze best practices, tools and strategies for the integration of migrants in Portugal;
  • To put the basis for the creation of project recommendations.

Main results: Creation of the material and the outputs for the draft of recommendations; sharing of ideas and tools starting from each personal experience.

Target group: Students from 2 different groups: a secondary school and from the University in Porto with huge number of internal migrants. Policy makers and decision makers without age limits from the local Municipality of Gondomar; general public attending the event interested in the themes discussed.