100 action proposals for the local territory

The ebook is the collective creation of twenty local or European young people following an Erasmus Key Action 3 (KA3) project led by the Intercultura association in partnership with the Steredenn association and the municipality of Lanvallay. For 3 days (2 days of discussions, 1 day of writing and presentation to local elected officials), around twenty young people from the Dinan urban area had the challenge of imagining 100 action proposals for the local territory. No censorship was accepted.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Since 2016, about 70 ideas have been implemented by young people, the association Intercultura & the municipality of Lanvallay.
Contacts: intercultura@intercultura22.fr
Name of the coordinator: The Intercultura association via the young people who are members and the municipal council implements the various proposals as they go along
Location: Dinan / Bretagne /France