Aynı Gökyüzüne Bakıyoruz Project (We Look at the Same Sky Project)

The audience of the project is children and youth sent to prisons. It aims to reintegrate the youth into the society. One of the original aims of the project is not to ignore the children and young people in prisons regarding youth participation and to encourage them to social life. The project has reached 1500 detained youth and children so far. The project, which started at the local level in 2007, gained an international dimension in 2013-2016 with the cooperation of the TOG Foundation.


Results/Outcomes/Products: It was observed that the awareness of the children and youth in the prisons where the project was implemented increased towards civil society, and some children became volunteers of the TOG Foundation after the project. The workshop activities led to the discovery of talents among these children and helped them with practical skills they could use when they were released. Acquiring these skills will help them to participate correctly and actively in their social lives.
Contacts: info@tog.org.tr
Name of the coordinator: Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı
Location: Kadıköy / İstanbul/ Turkey