The Bi-Annual Peer-to-Peer Social Awareness Seminars are organized by the English Department of the Idalion Lyceum. The idea for these seminars started in the context of the English lesson, where students were invited to study topics arising from the syllabus of the lesson and to present them in groups in the classroom. As the children began to explore the tasks assigned to them, they felt that the work they were doing could be shared with other students in the school.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Seminars was successfully completed during the first four months of the current school year and was embraced with great enthusiasm by our student audience. Topics discussed at the first in-school seminar were mainly about the internet and drugs. In particular, the following presentations were made:1. Cyberbullying and teens 2. Cat phishing 3. Invasion of privacy 4. Photoshop 5. Synthetic drugs6. Injectable drugs 7. Smokable drugs
Name of the coordinator: Idalion Lyceum
Location: Dali, Nicosia