Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization

Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN) is the coordinating body of 105 Youth Clubs in Cyprus with more than 8000 members in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Cyprus. The main aim of KOKEN is to offer opportunities to young Cypriots to develop their skills and attitudes and to promote active participation in local, national and international level.KOKEN supports permanent and periodic activities of the youth clubs in the following fields: sports, culture, non formal education, EU Projects


Results/Outcomes/Products: Implementation of various European projects, youth activities and events in the past 6 years. Implemented Youth in Action projects, Grundtvig project and participated in various projects abroad as well. Member of the counseling body of the Youth board of Cyprus and an active member of the Cyprus Youth Board
Name of the coordinator: Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (KOKEN)
Location: All Cyprus