Danube Ala

The project "Danube ala" is based on the promotion of peace, art and environmental protection. The project aims to highlight the importance of preserving the Danube River and directly contribute to the improvement of the condition of the banks of the Danube near Novi Sad, by organizing its cleaning actions and creating applied art objects.


Results/Outcomes/Products: During the twelve-day workshop, discarded industrial boilers and other stainless metal waste were restored and upcycled into waste bins. A total of 10 buckets were made. Each bucket represents an ala, i.e. a dragon designed by the participants based on their cultural heritage and origins. The bins were made and placed in order to contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of the banks of the Danube River. The bins were originally placed on Novi Sad's Strand beach in the period from 28.07. – 31.07
Contacts: izzsns@yahoo.com
Name of the coordinator: Environment engineering group Novi Sad
Location: Novi Sad/Serbia