Direct support programme

The program is focused on providing psycho-social, educational and integrative support to migrants and asylum seekers who are in reception to asylum centers throughout Serbia. Primarily, it provides people with encouragement and support in dealing with the various difficult experiences that come with them and in accepting the new life circumstances in which they find themselves. It helps them to familiarize with the rights and obligations they have in Serbia, related to their specific position.


Results/Outcomes/Products: In the last years, focus of work was to support migrants and asylum seekers, including the inclusion of children in schools, and local communities that participate in the care of migrants and refugees. This included various psycho-social, educational, recreational and integrative activities, and support to local communities meant, first of all, projects to renovate and equip kindergartens and schools, health centers and hospitals. Projects were organised in Bogovađa, Belgrade, Preševo, Vranje...
Name of the coordinator: Group 484
Location: Serbia