E-commerce etico Terre Ritrovate

The ethical e-commerce "Terre Ritrovate" is the result of a journey carried out for years by the diocesan Caritas of Cagliari in territories with high socio-economic marginalization. It is a path of listening to parishes and mayors that has seen synergy and synodality between the Church and local institutions in the belief that together they can offer opportunities to local productive realities, help them feel like protagonists, revive the territories, but above all the communities.


Results/Outcomes/Products: The Terre Ritrovate project currently has over 15 local companies that are now able to sell their healthy, quality, and sustainable products on the market. Through collaboration with GAS (solidarity purchasing groups), there are plans to further increase the sales of products from these territories, which were previously abandoned but have all the potential to be revitalized.
Contacts: terreritrovate@gmail.com
Name of the coordinator: Caritas diocesana di Cagliari
Location: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy