Education for sustainable development

Through the informal form of education, we work on the implementation of education for the environment and sustainable development in the educational system, from kindergarten to university. For many years we have been implementing accredited teacher training programs, holding thematic trainings for high school students and students, preparing didactic materials for teachers and students intended for education on topics in the field of nature protection and environmental protection.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Since 2009, the Movement of Vojvodina Highlanders has been participating in the realization of "For cleaner and greener schools in Vojvodina", in partnership with four Provincial Secretariats - for environmental protection, for education, for energy and social protection, as well as the ReCan Foundation. The goal of the Program is to raise awareness and personal responsibility for the care of the environment of children, students, educators and parents, the local environment.
Name of the coordinator: Pokret Gorana Vojvodine
Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia