Enterprise 101

1) Developing entrepreneurial skills of the participants 2) To provide participants with data on the best way to create and execute social entrepreneurship activities and plans, 3) To explore feasible methods to support CSOs creating social enterprises by confusing over formal procedures, budget, administration and social preconditions, 4) To provide young people with tools and techniques for developing entrepreneurial skills among young people


Results/Outcomes/Products: Project Outcomes: - Participants developed new competences in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, - Participants have mastered all business processes through a detailed simulation on business plan preparation, implementation and cost calculations, - Participants learnt about all administrative, financial and official procedures that should be included in a business business plan and created a plan
Contacts: youthorgtr@gmail.com
Name of the coordinator: Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği
Location: Mudanya / Bursa/ Turkey