Europe, my country

The project “Europe, my country” aimed to encourage democratic participation and active citizenship by building the citizens ownership and understanding regarding the legislative procedures and institutions within EU. The project included different activities to involve the main actors of democracy in the debate regarding the gap between citizens, civil society and decision makers. This project was co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.


Results/Outcomes/Products: In all the countries involved were questioned more than 6 500 persons and the results with the citizens feed-back were made publicly in each country. Public campaign to promote EU citizenship and participation like street campaign, workshops, Info day, on-line promotion etc. Four international conferences: one for each country involved (IT-RO-UK-MK) Accredited Training on Civic and Social Competences and promoting the final document to relevant stakeholders.
Name of the coordinator: EuroDEMOS
Location: Italy