Explore: Motivating Youth into Intercultural Dialogue

When we do not understand global interconnectedness, we may be exposed to intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts, as we currently live in the EU. To prevent these conflicts today and in the future, we must equip young people with intercultural dialogue skills. When young people with intercultural dialogue skills meet their peers from different cultures they can manage this process more easily, understand the potential of diversity, act more fairly and play an active role in the processes.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Invest in youth workers’ capacity building for intercultural competencies and youth motivation, Using creative methodology such as gamification and storytelling for local intercultural encounters and ensuring the development of knowledge, skills, and tools in this regard, Encouraging the exchange of good practices on ICC education and youth work among the public / non-governmental organizations from five countries, and strengthening cross-cooperation
Contacts: iletisim@pigenclikdernegi.org
Name of the coordinator: Pi Gençlik Derneği
Location: Izmir/Konak/Turkey