In our country, in Europe and all over the world, the media’s effect on these topics are very huge;Increasing racist tendencies, popular culture, hate speech, etc. Nevertheless, the media is not just written, visual and audio press. Now social media has become a very important tool especially for young people to get news and get information. These developments brought with it the problems of unconscious news consumption, misinformation, lack of media literacy and some other problems.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Also our project includes cultural trip,exhibition and outdoor activities. The activity program will take place in İzmir, Turkey on 03-12 August 2018 with the participation of 36 young and 6 leaders from 6 countries.One of our goals is to educate our participants how to become a conscious media consumer at the same time. In the long run, our aim is to create friendships and common values (EU values) united among our participants.
Name of the coordinator: Pi Gençlik Derneği
Location: Konak / İzmir/ Turkey