GRUBB School

GRUBB FORWARD is an organization founded and registered in the UK in 2006. We run educational and artistic programmes, working predominantly in Serbia with Roma children and young people. GRUBB FORWARD’s aim is to further their education in order that they may access mainstream employment, thereby facilitating their long-term social integration. The GRUBB show is produced by GRUBB Productions CIC, a social enterprise also registered in the UK and owned by UK charity GRUBB FORWARD


Results/Outcomes/Products: GRUBB School’s aim is to improve the academic outlook of young Roma people. It provides programmes to support their mainstream schooling, with a shared emphasis on academic education and the arts, particularly the performing arts. One of the most important things that young Roma people learn from taking part in the GRUBB show is how to commit to a project and take pride in the results of that commitment. We believe that this approach can also be applied to their academic learning.
Name of the coordinator: GRUBB FORWARD Foundation
Location: Belgrade/ Serbia/UK