H.E.Y.! Heightening the Engagement of Youth​​

The project, will contribute towards the empowerment of young people, by a) supporting their positive engagement in building more equal and inclusive communities through innovative and transnational youth initiatives, b) improving the existing local youth work practice of the youth leaders and operators, through quality and sustainability of digital youth work and online and blended training.c) improving successful school-to-work transitions.


Results/Outcomes/Products: The Project activities and results will generate good practices exchange, local services and socio-economic opportunities mapping, youth work valuable skills and competences development, established networks with transnational youth organisations to strengthen collaboration for responding to COVID-19 more effectively, young people’s stories and experiences dissemination which will improve cross-disciplinary experiences, young people’s self-esteem, social connection, political participation.
Contacts: info@socialpolicyaction.org
Name of the coordinator: Social Policy and Action Organization
Location: All Cyprus