Help line

Center “Srce”, located in Novi Sad, is a voluntary, nongovernmental, non-profitable organization, which that offers suicide prevention and emotional support to people in crisis.All information we get from our callers is strictly confidential and stays within the Center. People who get in touch with us can stay anonymous. Services of the Center are offered free of charge.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Every day from 2pm to 11pm, volunteers from Center “Srce” talk to people who are lonely, upset, hurt, sad, desperate and – listen to them. They don’t patronize; they take problems seriously; they don't “comfort” people saying that problems will go away and, what is the most important, they don't tell them what to do. They believe that everybody knows what is the best for them, and they believe each person has the right to decide about his/her life, even if the decision is to finish it.
Name of the coordinator: Center “Srce”
Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia