I’m not a problem, I have a problem

This campaign run by youth aims to remind us that we are not our problem, which no one is a problem in themselves, but that problems are part of our growing up and life. None of us were born with predispositions to be "problematic", but neither were we born with immunity to problems. What we need is a chance, the possibility that when a problem arises we have enough support and strength to look for a solution.


Results/Outcomes/Products: With this campaign, we emphasized the obvious - HEALTH OF OUR SOUL AND HEAD IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT AS OUR BODY HEALTH. And no, the problem is not reserved for the weak, sensitive, but let's recognize that there are those for whom support is less available. We payed special attention to children and young people who have greater challenges, who grew up without families, who also had encounters with the law, who are on the margins of society due to various other challenges.
Contacts: office@cspa-grig.org
Name of the coordinator: Center GRiG
Location: Belgrade, Serbia