Inclusion programme

The group also received several awards for its work in the field of intercultural learning and inclusion of sensitive groups (an award from the Council of Europe and the European Commission to one episode of the animated series "Wow injustice!" as part of the campaign "Enough!", an award from the International Festival of Alternative and New Theater in Novi Sad for the inclusive play "Reset"...).


Results/Outcomes/Products: Trainings, performances, toolkits, workshops, movies. The organization has issued several manuals for work in the context of non-formal education ("Tolerance primer", "No falling out", "Body frame", "Peace, cooperation, non-violence", "Informal education in Europe - A step towards recognizing non-formal education in Serbia and Montenegro Gori"), publications that support youth activism ("GPS for activism", "Guide - On You with local youth offices")...
Name of the coordinator: Group ,,Let`s…``
Location: Belgrade, Serbia