Infopolis is a center open to young people who are looking for various information that they need to make decisions and find their way in life. In contacts with each individual user, the Center's primary concern is to answer the question posed by the user, regardless of the ideological, commercial or political interests of the environment. The Center strives to do this in a way that will allow the user to have maximum choice, and that will respect his/her autonomy and anonymity.


Results/Outcomes/Products: It offers free space for meetings/learning/workshops of young people. They can prepare and print CV and cover letter if they are going for a job interview, as well as get help writing them also get information about colleges/travel/volunteering/employment. Ask a question about anything that interests them and get an answer as soon as possible. Participate in many free workshops and lectures from various fields. Counseling. Get information about various competitions and projects etc
Name of the coordinator: EDIT Centre
Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia