KOKEN – Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisations

KOKEN is dedicated to improving the quality of young people’s life in urban and rural areas of Cyprus. It actively contributes on raising young people’s awareness on various topics through campaigns and projects. In cooperation with the members of governmental and non-governmental organisations, businesses as well as with the civil society, KOKEN plans on developing and upgrading the adjustment of the measures aiming at the empowerment of young people.


Results/Outcomes/Products: It is one of the oldest and largest voluntary youth organisations in Cyprus. KOKEN is a non-profit and nonpartisan NGO which consists the central coordinating body of the Youth Clubs in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Cyprus. KOKEN supervises and guides 85 Youth Clubs with about 8000 members
Contacts: come@cyprusyouth.org
Name of the coordinator: KOKEN
Location: All over Cyprus