The project LAV(or)ANDO, formulated particularly with the Educational Area of the "E. Scalas" District House of Uta and the Inter-District Office of External Penal Enforcement, and realized and managed directly by the ELAN Social Cooperative, is aimed at promoting the social recovery and professional reintegration of 24 individuals subject to criminal measures, through the strengthening of a laundry facility already present in the Uta District House and currently managed by two detainees.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Inside, customized paths for social and work insertion will be created, and the beneficiaries will be engaged both professionally, as laundry assistants, and educationally and formatively, to rebuild their own identity and increase technical and social skills that can be used in the unprotected job market.
Name of the coordinator: ELAN Società Cooperativa Sociale
Location: Uta, Sardinia, Italy