Mentorpower is a mentorship project with international stakeholders, carried out by Community Volunteers Foundation and financially sponsored by Erasmus+. The project includes five countries, namely France, Spain, Norway, Greece and Turkey. In the Turkish leg of the project, mentors will offer social and professional support to refugee youth living in Turkey. The 12 mentors and 12 mentees matched with each other will share a mentorship experience lasting close to a year.


Results/Outcomes/Products: As part of MentorPower, they chose to implement the 'engagement mentoring' methodology, but we also made some changes to fit the needs of refugee youth exactly. Instead of 'remodelling' behaviours and attitudes, they aim to enable mentors and mentees to engage in an intercultural dialogue that will help broaden their understanding of the host country and benefit their ability to adapt to new cultural environments.
Name of the coordinator: Toplum Gönüllüleri vakfı
Location: Istanbul/ turkey