NSHC Psychological Counseling Center

The Youth Counseling Center of the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center was founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting health and providing psychological support and assistance. In the Counseling Center, users can receive psychological counseling, psychotherapy and emotional support services. In addition to counseling services, we organize psychological and other trainings and workshops, and provide information and support via e-mail. Their main target group are young people under the age of 30


Results/Outcomes/Products: Volunteers are engaged in working with users - psychotherapists and those who are undergoing education in various psychotherapeutic directions. In addition to face-to-face counseling services, we also offer online counseling services (via Skype, Viber and other applications, in agreement with the client). The interview at the Counseling Center is scheduled by phone, e-mail, or by message sent via social networks (Facebook and Instagram). Meetings are scheduled once a week, lasting an hour.
Contacts: savetovaliste.nshc@gmail.com
Name of the coordinator: Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre
Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia