ORkidCA Children’s Club

ORkidCA Children’s Club is a place where children explore and learn about nature and animals through play and socializing, in a safe environment, and with the constant supervision of an expert educator. The ORkidCA Children’s Club program is implemented through interactive creative workshops in the fields of animal welfare and nature conservation, field actions and trips, where children can apply the acquired knowledge.


Results/Outcomes/Products: At ORkidCA, we work with children ages 6-12 to address topics such as: caring for your pet and its needs, how to behave when meeting a dog, what the zoo of the future should look like, how to make a bird feeder, what are the animal traps resulting from unintentional dumping of waste into nature and more. We address these topics through drawing, stories, acting, quizzes, detective games, sculpture making, debates and discussions. We learn and have fun in solo or teamwork.
Contacts: info@orca.rs
Name of the coordinator: ORKA
Location: Belgrade, Serbia