Shake a Leg, Together

“Shake a leg, together!” is a KA2 project a project about healthy and active lifestyle. With this project we aim to reach as many people as possible in participating countries and encourage them to take up any sort of physical activity, to inform them about its benefits and to help making physical activity an attractive hobby. We will carry out a number of activities accordingly in the partner countries Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia and North Macedonia during our 12-months project.


Results/Outcomes/Products: – To gain knowledge and raise general awareness of the benefits of physical activity and effect it has on our body and to learn how to exercise correctly. – To help/assist more people to make physical activity a regular practice and a tool to fight stress, stay motivated, energized and to improve a general well-being. – For all the participants to increase the level of self-awareness and the ability to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses through regular reflections and introspections.
Name of the coordinator: Pi Gençlik Derneği
Location: Izmir/ Konak/ Turkey