S’ortu de Tziviriu

The project aims to create a green space that serves as a place for socialization, responsibility, attention to public matters, enjoyment, and gathering in a natural environment. It began in August 2016 and aims to create the first food forest in Sardinia on public land, with a continuous, periodic, and structured participatory design. A crowdfunding campaign has been recently launched for the construction of the Multifunctional Park of Happiness.


Results/Outcomes/Products: The project involved various activities such as participatory design meetings, a European Week for Waste Reduction project, pruning and gardening courses, and workshops on fermented foods and permaculture. These activities were aimed at improving the designated green area and promoting sustainable practices. The project was also promoted through a short film and a crowdfunding campaign.
Contacts: info@qedora.it
Name of the coordinator: Associazione di Promozione Sociale Qedora
Location: San Gavino, Sardinia, Italy