Spin DoTs

The main purpose of the Spin DoTs - Points in Common project is to bring young people closer to politics and institutions, expanding their awareness, knowledge, practices and values of youth active citizenship starting from the knowledge of the territory in which they live. The project fits within the objectives of structured dialogue, empowerment and active citizenship encapsulated in Action K3 of the Erasmus + project.


Results/Outcomes/Products: Everyone worked hard and provided solutions for the better drafting of the submitted projects, following the directives of opinion leaders and political authorities on how to improve their activity and proactivity within their communities and how to take an active part in political activities by influencing local decision makers. In the end, the entire Spin DoTs project was evaluated, to enable the organizers and the European Community a better future deployment of means and energies.
Contacts: info@spindotsroccacasale.com
Name of the coordinator: Comune di Roccacasale
Location: Roccacasale/Abruzzo/Italy