Strengthening Rural Communities – A Youth Empowerment and Community Development Training Programme

The programme aims to enhance the competences of youth workers and young community leaders to empower young people to take an active role in community development generating employment opportunities for rural youth in their places of origin. The number of participants was 24 people from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Spain.


Results/Outcomes/Products: • Competence development of 23 youth workers and young community leaders in youth empowerment for youth-led community development. • Publication of an educational resource pack in form of an e-booklet on methods and practices for direct youth empowerment work for community development named "Best Practices from Rural Realities across Europe_Ebook" • Triggering at least six local youth initiatives for rural community development in the participating countries.
Name of the coordinator: Vicolocorto
Location: Pesaro/Marche/Italy