Support for the education of socially deprived children and young people in Serbia

The goal of the three-year project is to improve the chances and success in the education of socially deprived children and youth (children and youth from poor families and those who belong to particularly vulnerable categories such as members of the Roma minority or children and youth with disabilities and/or developmental disabilities). The project is implemented in 9 local communities across Serbia: Bač (Seleča), Opovo, Kruševac (Upper Stepoš), Kraljevo, Bor, Knjaževac, Mionica, Raška, Lebane


Results/Outcomes/Products: Engaged local educational coordinators are responsible for the identification and selection of children and youth who are beneficiaries of the project, the implementation of the project's planned support for children and youth, and monitoring the level of integration of the identified children and youth into the school system and their success.
Name of the coordinator: Ekumenska humanitarna organizacija
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia