United by Diversity

Objective is to increase capacities of the Serbian CSOs to address cultural diversity within reform process and EU integration process. Activities: - Capacity building workshops for Network members - Development of innovative methodology for intercultural exchanges - Conducting competition My community in intercultural Europe - 20 three-day exchanges for high school students, including 20 Intercultural European classes - Creation of Quiz United in diversity and Board game Let’s unite in


Results/Outcomes/Products: Provided institutional support for promotion of cultural diversity and interculturalism created by establishing a Network of youth CSOs and CSOs dealing with youth in Serbia; Raising capacities of youth CSOs for promotion of cultural diversity and interculturalism strengthened; Empowered youth in Serbia topics related to intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity and enhanced a consciousness of being a part of the same society as a whole.
Contacts: office@emins.org
Name of the coordinator: European movement in Serbia
Location: Serbia