YES: Youth Engagement in Society

This project aims to increase NEETs’ Social Inclusion and promote Active Citizenship, by developing key competencies in Youth NEET and train youth workers to address better to NEETs’ needs, namely: the need to break the cycle of isolation/social exclusion; lack of motivation to become an active citizen; lack of self-awareness of their passions/talents and, even, the low self-esteem and lack of key skills that are required to take an initiative and build an action plan to concretize it.


Results/Outcomes/Products: – LEARNING PROGRAM for NEET Youth to develop key social and personal competencies that will allow them to become active citizens and increase their social inclusion; – Motivate NEET Youth to engage and discover their passions/talents; – Increase NEET Youth’s awareness of some key societal challenges; – Empower NEET Youth with key-skills to materialize their goals in a creative and organised way;
Name of the coordinator: PlanBe, Plan it Be it
Location: Nicosia