Yıldız Gençler Projesi

The “Star Youth Project” was carried out in order to support the current potential of young people, to take place as active individuals in the society and to contribute to their growth as useful people for the society from local to general.The project was put into operation in the Bağcılar Youth Center building, which was established to serve all young people living in Bağcılar, and was equipped with many activities for young people covering a period of 12 months.


Results/Outcomes/Products: A total of 480 young people residing in Bağcılar will participate in the project workshops. With the project, workshop and handle work will be provided in 16 branches. 10 seminars will be given. 480 young people will benefit from the gyms in the project. With the orientation training that the project team will receive, a staff with sufficient knowledge about the target group will be formed. 100 young individuals benefiting from the project will carry out voluntary work.
Contacts: 0(212) 410 06 00
Name of the coordinator: Bagcilar Municipality
Location: Bagcilar/Istanbul/Turkey