Youth Friendly Cities Index (YFCI) Project

The project aims to raise awareness about youth participation, develop young people's sense of belonging in the region they live in, including young people in local decision-making processes, and make it sustainable. In this direction, surveys were conducted in 21 different cities. In these survey studies, the project was provided with data on the household structure of the youth, their media use, and their working status. These data were collected under the title of “Youth Well-Being”.


Results/Outcomes/Products: I. Training on 28 April-1 May 2016, II. Training on 2-4 October 2016. Training organized and reported.The training lasted for three days and various seminars were held. Young volunteers were both informed about the project and got to know each other better. Volunteers from each province and district formed groups of 15 and discussed local issues. After local problems were identified, the same group's developed strategies for these problems.
Name of the coordinator: Habitat Derneği
Location: Sarıyer, İstanbul / Türkiye