Youth newspapers

This program has existed since 2013, and was born out of the desire to affirm young and successful people from the environment who, with the help of their own efforts and work, have achieved significant results in the fields of culture, education, art, etc. In addition to the affirmation of young talents, the Omladinske novine portal also contains informative, educational and entertaining texts, but it also opens up those questions that concern youth in Serbia.


Results/Outcomes/Products: This program improves the system of information and education of young people through examples of good practice, with the aim of motivating young people to apply the acquired education and knowledge. There is also an opportunity for young people who want to engage in journalism and photography to gain experience and continuously improve their knowledge in the aforementioned fields.
Name of the coordinator: Omladina Jazasa Novi Sad
Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia