Youth Radio and Portal – We create future

Radio Klik FM from Čačak, with the support of the European Fund for Democracy, launched an initiative called "Youth radio - We are creating the future" aimed at young people from the territory of the Moravian Region. Young people from Čačak and the Moravica region finally have a media space that they will edit themselves. Radio Klik FM from Čačak started a radio show called Youth Radio, which is edited by young people from this area and on which they will be able to deal with topics and problem


Results/Outcomes/Products: Now, just within the same initiative, they launched a Youth Portal that will contribute to the information they create reaching as many of their peers as possible, but also adults and those who make decisions in the field of youth policy. Also, as part of the initiative, forums are organized in the city library on topics of interest to young people.
Name of the coordinator: Radio Klik FM
Location: Čačak, Serbia