19 May Youth Center – Eskişehir Tepebaşı Belediyesi Gençlik Merkezleri

The 19 May Youth Center, which became operational in July 2011, aims primarily to enable young people to interact with the city and with other young people in the city, and in the next steps, young people’s solidarity with each other and sharing their knowledge and skills with each other and with other segments of the public. Since the biggest problem of the youth is unemployment, it has aimed to support their employment, to increase their productivity, to support the emergence of entrepreneurial abilities, if any, to carry out voluntary work with disadvantaged groups and to support these efforts over the past years.

The center has meeting rooms where young people can come together and a computer laboratory that they can use free of charge. Young people who want to use the cafe section have the opportunity to study easily here and can benefit from the kitchen in the cafe section.

In order for young people not to go to school without having breakfast, hot soup is distributed free of charge from our youth center for the last 6 years. At the same time, it is aimed to actively participate in nature and social life by organizing Nature Walks that take place free of charge on Saturdays every weekend.

Approximately 1,500 trainees benefit from the ongoing and ongoing courses with the support of Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç and our volunteer trainers. The courses take place on weekday evenings, weekend mornings and afternoons, and all young people between the ages of 17 and 30 can benefit from the personal development courses at the Youth Center free of charge.

Different non-governmental organizations, associations, theater groups at the 19 May Youth Center; while holding meetings, exhibitions, training-panels and other activities; Various student clubs and societies affiliated with Anadolu University and Osmangazi University also use the Youth Center for their meetings, workshops and other activities.

Governamental Authority in Youth Polices
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Music and Art, Cultural, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Education