DeM Turkey | Deneyimsel Eğitim Merkezi

We all learn from our experiences. We try, feel, observe, create new ideas and try again. Whether we are aware or not, we are in a continuous cycle in our lifelong learning process.

We call this cycle “experiential learning cycle”. We believe that the training programs which is prepared through this approach have a great impact. How do we know?

From ourselves.

When we first met training programs which is prepared through experiential learning methodology, an apple fell on our heads as well. We have seen in ourselves how powerful the game is in raising personal awareness, and that critical thinking and empathy skills are the most fundamental competencies, and all these can only be learned by doing-living.

 We first see change in ourselves. We believed that we should expand and develop this human-oriented learning method which touches our lives. We set out to share the story of the apple which fell on our heads.

Since that day we have been experiencing, creating experiences and sharing experiences.

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Training
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural, Active Citizenship