Stranaidea is a Social Enterprise consisting of 290 members and workers.
For over 35 years they have been accompanying people with disabilities and mental distress, minors, youth, families and adults, acting for the benefit of the community. They take care of the job placement of people in a condition of personal and/or social fragility in activities aimed at the environment and the territory by managing separate waste collection, cemetery services, green care and maintenance.
They put the person in his or her uniqueness at the center, promoting active participation, autonomy and skills.
Each year, through about 8,000 interventions supporting people and 125,000 hours dedicated to the environment and the territory, they work in pursuit of three important “Sustainable Development Goals” of the UN 2030 Agenda: providing equitable and inclusive quality education, reducing inequality, and ensuring sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

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Humanitarian, Social Welfare, Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, Health