Almyras – Cultural and Environmental Workshop (NGO)

Almyras – Cultural and Environmental Workshop

Amyras’s members are farmers, educators, scientists, researchers, artists, authors, literary people, pupils, housewives, skilled people, who all share the same love towards culture and environment.

Its name derived from the homonymous hill between Ayia Varvara and Sia. This place is of high historical importance for the region, as it is the only ancient unit used for producing and processing copper which has been found in Cyprus until today (600BC).

Almyras’ s main objectives are:
1.The promotion of the countryside, through several activities and events.
2. The recovery, collection, elaboration, promotion and strengthening of folklore, historical and traditional elements of the countryside.
3. The organization of several events which aim to inform its members, as well as the residents of the wider area.
4. To form a network of scientists, as well as of literate people and artists, so that they share their knowledge with the residents of the countryside and to promote creativity through different activities.
5. Research development in the fields of science, technology and the environment.
6. A powerful presence, by taking initiatives and participating in local, peripheral and international partnerships and programmes which are related to the subject of the activities of the workshop.
7. Participation in national and European programmes, with the possibility of visiting other European countries and meeting new cultures and people.

Subjects of Almyras’ s activities:
– The arts
– Philosophy
– Tradition
– Science and technology
– The environment
– Athletics
– National/ European Programmes
– Research
– Publications
– Archaeology

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Music and Art, Cultural, Social Policy, Active Citizenship, Equal Opportunities, Education





Agia Varvara, Nicosia