ANDALAS is an association that organizes environmental excursions in Seulo each year. Born 17 years ago, it survives by challenging time thanks to its “participatory environment”. In 1995, it was just a picnic among friends on the fascinating river habitat of Flumendosa. Today it has reached an unimaginable participation (over a thousand subscriptions in the last edition) and always arouses greater interest and appreciation. Its success is not casual and fortuitous, but depends on its ability to transmit the feeling of finding oneself among friends in a familiar area where contact with nature is total. Therefore, for those who intend to discover an excellent corner of the Barbagia of Seulo and know for a day the proverbial hospitality of the mountain people, ANDALAS is the ideal event. It is important to know that it is not for profit and the subscription fee goes to cover expenses, promotion and any surplus is donated to a charity organization. The naturalistic excursion always takes place in the bends and canyons of Flumendosa, the old Saeprus, with the aim of promoting and protecting one of the most fascinating and delicate ecosystems of the island. 

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Cultural, Environmental