Ankara Sosyal Inovasyon Gençlik Merkezi

“Ankara Social Innovation Youth Center Project”, which is carried out by the System and Generation Association, with the Social Innovation Application and Research Center (ASBÜ-SİM) representing Ankara Social Sciences University (ASBU) as the project partner, and which will be implemented in the ASBU campus. Development Agency, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Financial Support Program.

On 26 June 2020, our Rector Prof. Dr. After the meeting with Musa Kazım ARICAN and the representatives of the System and Generation Association, the activities of the Ankara Social Innovation Youth Center (ASIGM) Project officially started and the first foundations of the Ankara Social Innovation Youth Center were laid at our University.

The aim of the ASIGM Project, which will be carried out for 18 months in cooperation with Ankara Social Sciences University and the System and Generation Association, is to instill social innovation in young people in Ankara and to play an active role in increasing social entrepreneurship and innovation practices in Ankara by guiding young people who want to advance in this field. ASIGM, which will provide training services as well as guidance services, will also be effective in increasing Ankara’s qualified human resources.

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