Bizbize Kadınlar Derneği

Our Aim: to support women from all social groups and make them to work effectively in social and economic life.

Working principles:

Women Entrepreneurship: BizBizze Association supports women to take initiative as self-confident, entrepreneurial and sensitive individuals, and contributes to the material and spiritual realization of their personal dreams and goals, as well as solutions to social problems.

Working Together: BizBizze Association makes and presents its activities under the leadership of women, in a way that enables participatory and local actors to take initiative.

Working Based on Scientific Thinking: The activities of BizBizze Association are in accordance with scientific thought and practices, based on knowledge and experience and rely on a background that encourages research and inquiry. In this context, it aims to improve the quality of services provided to women to universal standards.

Gender Equality: BizBizze Association considers every service and policy it produces and offers with a gender equality perspective. It aims to achieve a country where there is no gender-based discrimination in social and economic life and finally in all aspects of life.

Prohibition Of Discrimination: BizBizze association produces services for all women without discrimination on any religion, language, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, political opinion, economic status and social status, education level. In this context, advocacy and/or propaganda of a political, ideological or religious opinion cannot be carried out within the BizBizze Association.

Governamental Authority in Youth Polices
Opportunites Offered
Field of Activity
Cultural, Gender Issues, Equal Opportunities, Education