ConnectingDOTS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in Nicosia, Cyprus as a response to COVID-19 pandemic that has exacerbated social isolation and loneliness and highlighted the need to rebuild health and mental resilience and address the digital and green transformation challenges that lie ahead. ConnectingDOTS acts as a social collaboration platform among citizens in Cyprus and across Europe, with the aim to bring real, lasting social change for the benefit of human welfare.Its mission is to motivate and empower people to play a vital role in their own development and well-being as well as in that of their communities, especially in view of the digital and green transformation. Social development is about improving the well-being of every individual in society and removing all the barriers so they can reach their full potential and navigate toward their dreams and aspirations with confidence and dignity.

Opportunites Offered
Erasmus+ Mobilities, European Solidarity Corps, Volunteering at Local Level, Internships, Training, Education
Field of Activity
Humanitarian, Environmental, Equal Opportunities, Education, Human Rights, Health